The presentation

The April 13 presents the association Ceps of Cap de Creus in the cellar Martín Faixó of Cadaqués.


Cap de Creus’s wines producer, united in order to make known the landscape and biodiversity that are offered to us by the land that welcome us. And also to make known the wines that we produce, and another way of seeing Cap de Creus, seeing it from the land to sea, where it is usually seen from the sea to the land.

We wanted people to know that viticulture in this Natural Parc is not only a matter of ancient tradition, but also a treasure for our ecosystem. Because a respectful and ecological work has a important positive impact on the evolution of the ecosystem but also helps in the prevention of fires that hurt so much our area.

We are delighted to be supported by the natural Park in our project.

Who we are

The association’s members are:

Mas Estela

Mas Sa Perafita Martin Faixó

Mas Marés d’Espelt

And by our sides the Natural Park of Cap de Creus.


Ecological viticulture, the Mediterranean sea and the Tramontana are our distinguishing characteristics. We are people with a strong tenacious spirit. We believed in the strength of the soil and we respect it. We grow mountain vineyards, where our ancestors themselves had planted and built terraces. We know that is the Grenache grape variety that best suits, as us with the wind of tramontane.

Come visit us

We organize joint visits to the three estates and cellars to explain our project globally.

We carry out joint wine tadting of the three cellars to better understand the purpose of the association.

You can visit us in 4 different ways:

Guided visit of the three cellars.
Visit and wine tasting with breakfast at Mas Marès, the a car pick you up and bring you to Mas Perafita for a visit, wine tasting and lunch, and finally, visit, wine tasting and things to eat at Mas Estela. In this formula are included guide and car. The price is 150€/person, maximum 6 people.

Visit without guide
Same tour as the previous but the journey from one domain to another is done independently without guide and with your own transport. We will provide you a map and directions to not lose yourselves. There is no limit to the number of people, only we recommend not to be more than 25.

Visit CCC
Same tour as the guided one, but the person that will guide you throughout the all tour will be one of the owner of the 3 cellars, which will explain in person the whole project. 300€/person, maximum 6 people.

Ticket for three visits.
Se trata de un talón con vales para 3 visitas que podéis hacer cuando queráis, solo nos tenéis que llamar antes. 30 euros/talón.

Stay there to sleep a
Mas Estela o Sa Perafita

To contact us